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Multi-Vendor Point of Sale : Multi-Vendor Point of Sale module enables the marketplace sellers to sell their products in the retail stores and the respective orders will be created in the store. The marketplace sellers can even create the multiple salespersons/cashiers for their outlet.

The marketplace sellers can even create the multiple salespersons/cashiers for their outlet. The system works in online and offline mode both. All the orders and transaction are saved locally in offline mode. The salesperson can easily synchronize the offline data to the online data in the presence of the internet.

And if you want a Portable POS System without having POS Machines then you can opt for our PriceMantra POS Module that will provide you the functionality of the mobile application without having an online website, that is it does not use any server to extract the data.

  • To use this module you must need to have PriceMantra Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module installed first.
  • The POS connects only to the printer, and barcode reader, whereas it doesn't connect directly with the cash drawer and card swapping machine.
  • Product support type for now- simple and virtual.
  • POS requires a browser to work on it.
  • POS supports 7.5 screen size minimum.

Highlighted Features

 Easy Real Time Synchronisation

Orders get automatically synced with the back end as soon as order is placed from cashier end & if it is in offline state then data will be synced as POS System connects with internet.

  Cash Drawer

In order to view & calculate the daily cash flow,Module features a Cash drawer option which can be selected in order to view the daily transactions.

  Refresh Stocks

Easy options under dashboard on the frontend to refresh the product as well as category available after making changes in products & categories on the outlet.

  Upload Bulk Inventory

Seller can easily Update inventory for bulk products just by uploading a CSV file containing Product id, Inventory & Product Status & easy inventory management.

  Full Screen Mode

This module also provide a full screen option by which POS System on browser gives the feel of native POS System and help the cashiers to do hassle free business.

  Add To Cart

Products can be added to cart by clicking on specific product,through its SKU & by Barcode Reader.

  Manage Cashier

Admin/Seller can easily manage i.e (Add/Enable/Disable/Delete) cashiers

  Create Customers

New customer can be added easily from the Sales agent POS panel.

Multiple Sell Points

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  • Now you can easily expand the revenue generation scope for your business by using Marketplace Point of Sale module.
  • If you are having a brick-and-mortar business and also selling products online. Then, POS is a must-have feature for your e-commerce business.
  • The point of Sale (POS) refers to a system where the store owner can create the order from his physical store using the POS and the order will be generated in the e-commerce store.
  • The module enables store owner to sell the e-commerce products in the retail stores.
  • The admin can create multiple outlets for the store and can manage them by creating POS salesperson.
  • Multiple sale cashier can be created for each outlet.
  • The sales agent can log in the POS from frontend to manage the outlet.

Sales Cashiers Management

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Sales cashiers are the helping force of any point of sales system, but their working also needs to be managed and monitored for having a success Point Of Sales System. The admin can:

  • Create multiple sales cashiers account using easy configurations of the module.
  • Manage the outlets by assigning sales cashiers to the outlet.
  • Create a login id and password for respective sales cashiers accounts using which the sales cashier can log in to the POS accounts.
  • Check the cash drawer to know sales of sales cashier.

Customer Management

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  • At the time of checkout, the salesperson can choose/add customer for which the order has to be made.
  • The salesperson can choose a customer from the registered customer list. And can search registered customers by name.
  • If a customer is not registered to the store, the salesperson can add the customer.
  • Additional addresses can be added and previous addresses can be edited in the existing customer's details.
  • The added customer will be seen in the registered customer list.

POS Products

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  • There is a separate section to view and manage all the POS products.
  • The sellers can assign their store products to the outlets as per the choice.
  • The seller can also define the product quantity assigned to the outlet.
  • Can even print the barcode of the products easily.
  • Bulk assign inventory feature using which the seller can assign the inventory of POS products in bulk via CSV file.
  • The module supports simple and virtual product type only.

Inventory Management

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  • The module has a separate inventory management feature for your POS products and products.
  • Basically, the seller can reflect the separate inventory of the same product for  store and outlets.
  • This enables the easy tracking of inventory of same product when sold on store and physical store.
  • While assigning the products to the outlet, the seller can define the product quantity assigned.
  • The admin can even set either update main inventory or the outlet inventory whenever an order is placed from POS outlet.

Add Product To Cart

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The sales agent can complete the purchase process by adding products to the cart. The sales agent can add products using the following three methods:-

  • Click On Product- The sales agent can simply click on the product to add them to cart. The clicks on the product will increase the quantity of product in the cart.
  • Scan Barcode- The product can be added to the cart via a barcode reader device which scans the barcode on the product. It makes the product search easy as sales agent need not scroll through the whole list of product.
  • Enter Product SKU- The product can be added to cart via SKU, which is entered in the pop-up screen appearing on POS system

POS Offline/Online Mode 

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  • The module is important for businesses that combine offline and online presence in their operations. Because the system can work on both online as well as offline mode.
  • Online is the general mode when the store has an internet connection. The agents can complete orders for the customers by adding the product to the cart.
  • When the store is having poor or no internet connection then the POS panel can work offline too. In offline mode, all the orders, and transaction are saved locally.
  • And when the internet is available for use, the agent can easily synchronize the offline data to the online data.

Hardware Support

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  • The POS connects easily with the hardware like Printer and Barcode Reader.
  • The devices can be connected to your system externally.
  • As the POS is web-based so it doesn't have any hardware dependency.
  • So if you are using a Magneto 2 Marketplace POS, you need not worry about the specific device for using it. All you need is a browser for the using it.

Complete Features List

  • The admin can create multiple physical outlets for his/her online store and associate products with them.
  • Seller will have an outlet which can be accessed from his seller panel.
  • Seller/Admin can do bulk inventory assignment to their outlets.
  • Separate Panel for sales agent for sales management.
  • Admin/Seller can Print Barcode Slip.
  • Seller/Admin can create multiple cashiers.
  • New customer can be added from the Sales agent POS panel.
  • Easy real-time synchronization of sales and transactions.
  • The products can be added to cart in three ways- on clicking the product, through SKU and through Barcode Reader.
  • The agent can Put the POS in Fullscreen mode.
  • The Product list and Category list can be refreshed from the frontend.
  • Hassle-free payment and checkout process.
  • Sales agent can hold an order for later check-out processes.
  • The sales agent can view the cash drawer for computing the profit generated in a day or days by them.
  • Sales agent can even file the return and generate cash memo for the product(s).