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Marketplace With Multi Vendor Module will convert your Shopping cart into an online Marketplace with separate seller /vendor product collection and separate seller with feedback support and rating. Multi vendor marketplace will support various addons from payment split to seller / vendor auction and from vendor shipping management to vendor's eBay shop connection.

Marketplace Features :

  • Working with All the Templates ( Including Responsive Themes) and source code is Open so can be easily customized.
  • Separate seller / vendor  profile / micro site .
  • Seller can add banner, shop logo custom HTML text.
  • Seller / Vendor product search in vendor panel.
  • Separate seller's product collection.
  • Feedback and review system with interactive star rating.
  • Contact to seller with captcha support.
  • Different seller commission for every seller.
  • Back-end admin product assignment for seller account.
  • Category and subcategory assignment from seller end.
  • Seller Dashboard will display the current status of the product account e.g - pending,complete , processing.
  • Multiple category selection in tree node structure.
  • Special price, special price from to special price  to.
  • Stock Availability check.
  • Ajax check for vendor / seller shop url.
  • Work with all the themes and templates including responsive templates.

All Product Type Supported

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Marketplace extension support all product types available from simple to configurable to virtual to downloadable , also using addons seller / vendor can create grouped and bundle product as well with attribute set

  • Simple Product Support.
  • Downloadable Product Support
  • Virtual Product Support
  • Configurable Product Support
  • Bundle Product Support (using addon)
  • Grouped Product Support (using addon)

Flexible Commission Management

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Marketplace module provides out of the box commission management for shop owners or store admin . In base marketplace module store owner can set commission on global level as well as vendor / seller level

  • Global Commission Management for all vendors / sellers.
  • Vendor based commission management.
  • Category based commission management.
  • Product based commission management.

Product , Order & Seller / Vendor Alert / Notification

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Alert and notification are soul of an e-commerce marketplace site and marketplace module handles product , order and sellers alert and notification beautifully . Almost all the notification from product addition to seller approval and from order notification to seller contact us notification are managed by Makeitlive Media. Here are some example for notification:

  • Seller Approval Notification.
  • Product Approval Notification.
  • Vendor support contact us support alert / notification.
  • Order Notification for sellers / admin.

Seller / Vendor Order Notification Email Template

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In the marketplace module, if an order is placed and it’s invoice has been created then seller will receive product sold notification email with their product details. For an example, if an order is placed with three products (A,B,C) of Seller (x,y,z) respectively. So when order invoice will be created then sellers (X,Y,Z) will receive an email for their products (A,B,C respectively) with order details.

Inventory Setting 

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With Marketplace Multi Vendor module, admin can also configure the inventory setting. Admin can update the Low notification settings. If “Enable Low Notification” is selected as “Yes”, then seller get notified through their e-mails when their inventory decreases with subsequent orders.

Store owner can enter the Low Stock Quantity, which will allow to send low stock notification mail to sellers when product quantity will be equal or less than this quantity.

  • Enable Low Stock Notification.
  • Admin can enter low stock quantity.

Marketplace Transactional Emails 

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With Marketplace Multi Vendor module, admin can also configure the inventory setting. Admin can update the Low notification settings. If “Enable Low Notification” is selected as “Yes”, then seller get notified through their e-mails when their inventory decreases with subsequent orders.In the Marketplace, Admin can create custom transactional emails from the back-end. For creating custom transactional email template, admin will navigate System and then Transactional Email and then create new template. Admin will enter Name of template, locale and enter template information like name , subject, content. After creating the template, they can view those template on grid. At the end, admin will select various Marketplace email from the “Marketplace Transactional Emails” under the System configuration. Admin can select the template for each condition from the drop-down.

  • Admin can create custom email template.

Vendor Order Details / History & Invoice Management 

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Order history and order management are must have feature for any stable marketplace module , The multi vendor marketplace shipping module contains order management that means you can manage the order and can generate the invoice .

  • vendor / seller can view the order details and can filter them out using available filters.
  • Vendor /seller can manage the order using any of multi vendor marketplace shipping plugins (using addon).
  • Vendor / seller can input tracking info and can confirm the order using marketplace shipping plugin (using addon).
  • Vendor / Seller can print the invoice and can ship the goods to customers using shipping addons.

Seller / Vendor Review(S) Rating Management

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More reviews more sales and that's true, marketplace module offers review and rating for vendor . buyer can choose the sellers having most positive review . Seller overall review and rating will display at seller / vendor profile , also buyer can check all the review for any particular seller / vendor.

Admin or shop owner can set the option for buyers for posting review including review moderation and only buyer can post the review for seller not any guest user. Admin have all the access to manage the seller review and rating .

Seller / Vendor SEF URLs & SEO Management 

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Multi vendor marketplace module support SEF urls for vendor profile and vendor collection which is super useful for google robots and also human friendly and easy to remember . Every seller / vendor will have a unique url

marketplace module offer meta data like meta description and meta tags for vendors . seller / vendor can add the SEO information under their seller panel

Marketplace Seller Central 

The admin can create a Seller Central where users will have a separate Seller Registration page. The users who want to become a seller can register from here only if "Display Seller Registration Block on Customer Registration Page" option is set as ‘No’ from backend. Now default magento registration page will work for buyers only. So now the customers will have a separate seller signup page. Not only this, the best feature is the admin can change the layout of the seller login page as per the requirement.

Marketplace With Attractive Landing Page

A clean and modern landing page always attracts the attention, which helps in increasing the UI/UX and quality experience, thus resulting in conversion of visitors to customers. The module is based upon rwd theme which makes the marketplace landing page more beautiful than before, which is simple, modern and uncluttered and enhances the beauty by incorporating an alluring banner with high quality content to inspire a confidence among your customers.

With landing page you can see the top 4 sellers of the marketplace, with their top selling products, Seller logo, Shop Title, and a button to redirect to view the full collection of the seller.

Seller's Review And Rating At Product Page

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Let your customers make an evaluation of the product with a rich 'Review & Ratings', displaying the ratings of the seller and positive review feedback on the basis of specified parameters like Price, Value & Quality etc., on the scale of 5 with star ratings.

  • Displays average ratings on a 5 point scale.
  • The snippet is placed on the product pages of the seller.
  • Shows the ratings and positive review feedback for the sellers.
  • Ratings on parameters like Price, Value, Quality.

Edit Seller/Vendor Shop URL Rewrite

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The seller can now manage the URLs of various landing pages according to his own needs with Marketplace Module. He needs to mention the 'Profile Page Target URL Path' and then the URL of the requested path, which'll be displayed in the URL of the particular page instead of the actual Target URL Path. The seller can manage the custom shop URL. Various Pages for which URLs can be controlled are: the seller can part of the marketplace

  • Profile Page.
  • Collection page.
  • Review page.
  • Location page.

Marketplace- Seller Order Management

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If the admin has enabled the function to allow the seller to manage orders from backend, then the seller can manage the orders by checking 'My Order History' section in the Marketplace panel. It will display all the orders of the sellers with the details and status of the order. The seller can manage all the functions related to the order from one page only, like-

  • Creating Shipment of the order.
  • Create an invoice.
  • Send email to customer regarding notification.
  • Cancelling the order.
  • Print the order.
  • Create Credit Memo.

The seller has also the provision to add the Carrier details and Tracking numbers to the orders.

Payment History And Transaction Report

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Marketplace module support all type of payment method that means after approval of the product (or auto approval) , products will be the part of global catalog and that's is the beauty of the extension . In this way any operation will work on product . In base marketplace module all the payment goes to admin account and admin make the payment to seller manually . Admin can automate this process by using marketplace payment addons like paypal adaptive addon , stripe marketplace payment api , mangopay marketplace method and many more ,

Marketplace contains the record for every transaction made to vendor / seller and vendor have access to view the details

Marketplace Mobile Application

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After creating a major share in the world of e-Commerce software marketplace, Makeitlive Media is all set to move into the new arenas of mobile applications and is stepping from the world of e-Commerce to m-Commerce with its new product.

A product which is going to provide its esteemed customers with lots of features, to relish their shopping experience in a more easy and mobile way in order to provide Ubiquity, Convenience, Interactivity, Personalization, and Localization, which is just some taps and swipes away.

  • To attract the attention of the customers anytime anywhere, while they are on a move with their mobiles.
  • To Open a New Avenue for increasing the Sales.
  • Providing flexibility and ease of connectivity, in learning about customers.

Full Arabic Language Support

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Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports many language translations including the Arabic RTL (Right to Left) design. 

  • Compatible with all the RTL theme templates
  • Complete Arabic language support
  • Easily editable language CSV file

Huge Number Of Supported Addons

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Marketplace module support huge list of supported addons that make this module as world's best marketplace module . Multi vendor marketplace support range of supported addons from shipping to payment and from sales promotion to return management , more than 35+ supported addons exist for marketplace . here are few

  • marketplace payment addons ( ex - paypal adaptive , stripe , mangopay , wepay , balanced payment)
  • marketplace Shipping Addons (ex - UPS , Fedex , USPS , aramex per product , Table rate , country based and canada post)
  • Marketplace sales promotion addons ( ex - seller auction , price comparison , deals )
  • Inventory management addons (ex - mass upload , custom attribute and options , chat and blogs) .
  • Marketplace return management
  • Marketplace ebay connectors

Seller / Vendor Dashboard Management

Multi Vendor Marketplace Dashboard - is superb intuitive and easy to understand interface by seller can view their report , income , growth ( with the help of graph ) . Seller Dashboard will contains following features

  • Vendor income (weekly , monthly and for the current date)
  • Vendor Payout and remaining balance
  • Most Recent order (s)
  • Latest comment and reviews
  • Vendor / seller can view order information as well

Multiple Vendor Product(S) Checkout At Once

Multi vendor B2C marketplace is unbelievable in so many ways and multiple vendor products checkout at once is one of them . buyer / customer can purchase the product from various sellers / vendor at once . At the cart buyer will be able to see the vendor name in the cart as well

Marketplace - Store Owner / Admin Benefit

Using marketplace and its addon there is huge Benefit for the store owner and almost big ecommerce site having a marketplace within their store from etsy to asos from eBay to amazon to best buy. Marketplace and its addon provide store owners a complete and state of art online marketplace  , here are few points by which store owner can benefit a lot

  • Store owner can earn huge amount of commission as marketplace module provides very flexible commision system and even by using marketplace advance commision addon admin can set any kind of commision scheme from global to per vendor commision and also based on per  product category .
  • Using marketplace with seller group addon, admin can categorise seller into various range of groups like silver, gold and platinum and many more custom groups
  • Price comparison is very hot and almost a key factor to win the marketplace , marketplace module with addon price comparison provides this feature by which very same product can be added by multiple sellers using different price and quantity like amazon or bestbuy
  • Huge Traffic and more sales conversion - you will get huge traffic and more sales conversion after converting your store into marketplace reason is pretty simple  as you ( store owner ) will provide space for other merchants to add the product within your store  it will increase no of products , more social media share and more options for buyer