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The Power of AI-Rich Chatbots

Create smarter, higher-value purchase and service interactions for your customers.

Minimize the impact of manual, resource-intensive business and supply chain processes.

Let employees get routine tasks done in much less time, with communication tools they know and love.

AI Chatbot Projects-Fast-Tracked

Whether you plan to build a custom, business-specific chatbot or prefer to start with a pre-built Smart Bot for a common, high-value application, our Platform minimizes roadblocks and allows you to achieve results faster.

Chatbot Types

A specialized helper or universal virtual assistant. Your choice

Create chatbots that perform a single targeted role such as for customer service or IT support. Or develop a multi-purpose virtual assistant that communicates with numerous systems, quickly multi-tasking on behalf of a user without leaving a single conversation thread.

  • Build for nearly any customer segment, working style, function or business need
  • Make a universal chatbot that completes tasks in various systems
  • Brand any chatbot with your company’s colors, icons and personality
Chatbot Types
Chatbot Tasks

Chatbot Tasks

Bots do any job, big or small.

Define the complex and simple “jobs” your chatbot will perform to help customers or employees complete frustrating tasks – in a fraction of the time. Get utmost flexibility to create a range of purposeful, actionable, and proactive tasks for your chatbot to do, including:

  • Execute an action from a multi-part user request, or offer guided assistance through task completion
  • Deliver information or reports on-demand and per schedule
  • Take questions and quickly find answers from FAQs, documents and websites
  • Hold multi-faceted, business-logic driven dialogs

Chatbot Channels

Omni-channel reach with minimal complexity.

Let people engage your chatbot in the communication channels they use daily. Build your underlying chatbot functions once, and simply customize the desired UI elements and responses for specific channels. Pre-built Bot Connectors and our best-in-class SDK balance rich experiences and rapid integration.

  • Enable native SMS and traditional e-mail channels
  • Bring chatbots to consumer messaging apps like Facebook Messenger
  • Allow interaction in corporate tools like Workplace, Skype, Spark and Slack
  • Add bots to your website, mobile apps and company portals
Chatbot Channels
NLP & Speech

NLP & Speech

Maximum conversation accuracy. Little upfront training.

Instantly enable your chatbots to hold rich two-way conversations in natural language via text or speech. Leverage our hybrid NL approach, which combines Fundamental Meaning (FM) and Machine Learning (ML) in one strategy for optimal results.

  • Equipped with award winning NL engine
  • Recognizes intent and extracts entities or field data to understand meaning
  • Discerns idiomatic variations like capitalization, semantics, syntax, and grammar
  • Uses ML algorithms to increase accuracy, detect patterns and further train your chatbot
  • Includes Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine

Platform Intelligence

Smarter conversations that develop with every interaction.

Enrich digital experiences by introducing chatbots that can hold smart, human-like conversations with your customers and employees. Use an intelligence engine that enables chatbots to understand, remember, and learn from the information gathered during each interaction.

  • Maintain the context of user’s request throughout a dialogue or session
  • Store actions taken, data provided, and information pulled from systems the bot can use
  • Customize how contextual data is stored at the session, bot, user, or enterprise level
  • Use unsupervised and automated learning models to perfect your chatbot’s NL
Platform Intelligence
Platform Middleware

Platform Middleware

The essential glue for seamless conversations.

Create a flawless conversational experience by ensuring that messages between users, bots and all your enterprise systems are received, secured and exchanged in real-time. Use the Message Broker, Message Store and built-in encryption to:

  • Process user inputs from any channel and outputs from any cloud or on-prem system
  • Standardize message outputs from diverse programming languages, protocols, and OSs
  • Protect data with AES-256 encryption at the message level
  • Capture and store messages sent to and from users, bots and systems
  • Automatically log and categorize message successes and failures

Enterprise Capabilities

The only platform purpose-built for enterprise requirements.

Create chatbots with confidence that can stand up to your company’s technology standards. Benefit from a platform that received independent security audits, is AES encrypted end-to-end, and compliant with federal regulations. Use a rich console to control user and admin access, maintain visibility, and manage the entire lifecycle of your chatbot.

  • Protect messages at rest and in transmission
  • Customize SSO, system authorization and password policies
  • Use built-in tools for data retention, archiving, eDiscovery, and auditing
  • Control chatbot administrators, users, approved channels and more
  • Centrally manage chatbot updates and versions
Enterprise Capabilities
Bot Builder

Bot Builder

Agile, feature-rich and repeatable chatbot development all-in-one.

Build AI-rich chatbots in a consistent manner while having the flexibility to customize chatbot use cases, tasks, channels, security and more. Leverage an intuitive web-based tool with a repeatable process to design, develop, test and deploy smart chatbots at enterprise scale, without code, custom software, significant server space or major changes to your infrastructure.

  • Start the bot creation process from scratch or reuse developed components
  • Auto-enable NL and easily design for omni-channel use
  • Create business-logic driven conversations and workflows with our Dialog Builder
  • Apply a single authentication profile or configure custom profiles
  • Test in real-time throughout the bot building process