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What We Do

Great products for great people

Passionate to develop technology products using latest technology in the field of artificial intelligence, data science, internet of things and machine learning.

Full Stack Development, Data Science, AI, IOT, Machine Learning Projects.

Technology Stacks:
- Software Tools: Github, JIRA, Sonar, Trello, Basecamp
- AI: Chatbot, Speech Recognition, Image Recognition, NLP, OpenCV
- IOT: RaspberryPi, Arduino, Python, Azure IOT Hub, Google Cloud IoT
- Cloud: (DialogFlow), Firebase Realtime Database, Azure IOT Hub, Azure Bot Framework
- Data Science: Apache Spark, Hadoop, PySpark, Zeppelin, Livy, Jupyter Notebook
- Media Server: Wowza Media Server and it's APIs
- Mobile Apps: React Native, Xamarin, iOS & Android
- Web: React.js, ASP.NET MVC, Python, AngularJS, Umbraco CMS, Nopcommerce
- Server Admin: Windows Server and Ubuntu Server Security and Administration
- ERP: Odoo
- CRM: Bitrix24

Recent Projects:
Web & Mobile Apps to broadcast and watch live video stream of events.

SeedsBot Chatbot:
DialogFlow based chatbot with API integration in Node.JS with Python ERP. Capable to find doctors and book appointments.

Meetings by LivestreamCloud:
Free, Fast and Easy Video Meetings App - with no account login needed. Just decide a unique meeting code, share that code with your friend and start video chat. Available in Web, iPhone and Android. Get connected by any device of your choice.

Events information and management platform with features like ticket selling, visitor registration, live video broadcast, ticket entry scanner, email and sms promotion automation.

Theatre UK:
Developed 30+ UK based enterprise websites and apps for box office ticket selling.

Export & Import analytics and marketplace to help small enterprises of India.

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